The Taste of Travel begins

If you know me, you know filmmaking and travel are two big parts of my life. I started making short films at the age of 13, I later majored in film in University and I currently do freelance jobs in the film and TV industry. I have been traveling since before I can remember and well… obviously I’ve been eating food that long too.

There is nothing I crave more sometimes then a great dinner at a fancy expensive restaurant or cheap street food in the middle of the night. I love traveling the world and eating new food I’ve never tried before let alone even heard of before.

In the past few years I’ve had a few meals that stick out in my memory and they are part of the reason that I decided to start another blog. I also decided to start the Taste of Travel because now have a good excuse for taking photos of every meal I eat.

The final nail in the coffin for knowing I wanted to create a food and travel blog was working as the Production Coordinator on a cooking show this past summer. Not only did I get to see what goes on behind the scenes, I got to work with a few great chefs, saw first hand how to plate food for photos but also got to be the taste tester. All key things I think to make this site better.

This site isn’t meant to just be about myself and my experiences though, this is meant to be about many people where ever they are in the world sharing their passion for food and traveling. I hope to feature the good stories of food love, but also highlight the “OMG I nearly died” (literally) stories. I want to share recipes, photos and even videos of your experience and/or of your creations.

How far will you go to make sure you have vegemite with you on your trip half way around the world? Can you really buy Coke everywhere? Would you sacrifice 1 kilo of weight in your suitcase for the amazing sea salt you had in Spain? I might of…

If you have a story, or even just a photo of a masterpiece you ate that you would like to contribute please contact me, the more the merrier! cailinoneil (@)

I hope you will enjoy the site and come back often.

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