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Bread is not one of the items you would think about when remembering a vacation and craving your favorite foods.  Sure, baguettes in France are amazing and a good loaf of bread can make a meal complete, but it is rare that a piece of bread is the focus of the meal itself.  La Bombonera in San Juan, Puerto Rico, has accomplished this difficult task with their interpretation of mallorca bread, which quickly became my addiction while spending time on the island.

Mallorca bread is a Spanish sweet bread that is comprised mainly of butter, eggs, sugar, and flour.  Not just a little bit of butter and sugar, but a substantial amount that accounts for the bulk of the recipe. This high ratio turns the bread into the wonderfully buttery and flakey final product that it is. To add to this caloric delight, La Bombonera serves their mallorca bread covered with plenty of powdered sugar to make the dish almost a pastry as much as it is a serving of bread.

And if that’s not enough calories for you, mallorca bread is often used as the outer buns of a breakfast sandwich which can include eggs, bacon, cheese, or everything on one.  The final product is so reminiscent of a McDonald’s breakfast sandwich it is scary, but infinitely better in all ways possible.  Order a plain mallorca along with this devious breakfast and you have a yeasty feast that cannot be matched anywhere in the world.

After returning from our trip, we tried making mallorca bread at home and highly recommend the recipe listed at The Noshery as being the best and most authentic. If you decide to make these amazing treats for yourself, be sure to wear a bib to catch the drool that is bound to come out of your mouth, and be sure to not try and eat them all in one sitting!  Hungry yet?