Halifax’s Harbour City Bar and Grill – A Photo Essay

I recently enjoyed a staycation in my hometown and stayed at the Delta Halifax hotel. While there I was invited to dine at their new-ish ( a year old) restaurant that I hadn’t even realized existed. I’ll tell you that this meal was so delicious that I actually photographed every part of it and instead of telling you about the delights that tickled my taste buds I will show you and make you jealous which will then cause you to book a plane ticket to Halifax so then you too can dine and be happy at the Harbour City Bar and Grill.

We started our meal with a nice glass of wine and learned that if you bring your own local bottle of wine with you to dinner that there are no uncorking fees. (Good tip for next time!)

Even the bread was delicious and presented well at this dinner.

First we were given a complimentary tomato and feta salad amuse-bouche.

Then we opted to share the Caesar salad and Goat Cheese appetizers.

The oven-fired goat cheese, maple pecan crusted, with sourdough toast, young shoots and rhubarb compote was to die for.

My friend ordered the Traditional Nova Scotia Lobster Dinner as her main.

The Lobster Dinner came with Garrison Ale steamed mussels and a bowl of seafood chowder.

A good sized 1pound & 1/4 lobster. Tasty!

I went for the Surf & Turf.

Lets just say… there wasn’t much left on my plate.

For dessert the Lobster Dinner came with a rhubarb fruit crisp with locally made ice cream.

And the Pièce de résistance was my dessert known as the Parada of Sale that was made of a milk chocolate cheesecake dome, with a crispy praline base, orange caramel, hazelnut anglaise and more fresh local ice cream. Drool….

It was a great meal and we were the perfect kind of full at the end of it all. Also I liked the note on the menu saying “Our Kitchen is your kitchen” suggesting that if there was something that you desired that wasn’t on the menu that Chef Les Stevens and his team would do their best to accommodate. It almost tempted me to order something ridiculous…

To learn more about the Harbour City Bar and Grill and to see their menu check out their site. www.harbourcitygrill.com


I was a guest of the Delta Halifax and Harbour City Bar and Grill however at no point did they ask me to write a favourable review or requested I order lobster… but I did and it was fantastic!


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