I Want Your Gorgeous Food Photos!

The month of September here on www.TheTasteOfTravel.com is going to be alive and full of gorgeous food photos from around the world and I need your help! I can only take so many pictures myself, and I have only traveled so far and I am sure you are interested in seeing photos that are way different than mine so this is my “call to arms”.

Do you have a passion for taking food photos? Do you annoy your friends at dinner making their food get cold as you photograph it ” just right”? Do friends delete you on Facebook and unfollow you on Twitter because you are always showing everything you eat? Then you might be the right person I am looking for!

They can be taken professionally with a million dollar camera or just snapped quickly with your iPhone. As long as it is a photo of food so good that it makes me want to lick my computer screen then its works.

Please send beautiful food photos to cailinoneil (at) travelyourself.ca or leave a comment below.

I am looking for 1-3 sentences with each photo to explain what it is and where you ate it. I will let you know when your food photo has been posted and can also link to your blog / website / Twitter / Facebook Page if applicable.

Happy eating!


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