To some of you this may be old news, but I just happened to catch a repeat episode of Gordan Ramsay’s TV show “Kitchen Nightmares”. In this episode he was trying to turn around a restaurant in Providence, Rohde Island. On their re-opening night Ramsay invited a local food blogger to try their new menu and what ensued was craziness.

As it happens in every episode the kitchen and the servers are under pressure and the food is taking forever or coming out cold. With normal patrons there isn’t much you can do but apologize and hope that when the food eventually comes out it will be great and they will forget about all the things that went wrong. However with this blogger in the restaurant live tweeting her meal they began freaking out and even started following her on twitter just to see exactly what she was saying.

It was amusing to see Gordan Ramsay sweat over a blogger who apparently at the time had “10,000” readers, however that was yearly and not daily and she had over 300 twitter followers. Not “too” much to be worried about but just one person hearing a bad review of a restaurant can spread like a viral video.

Normally you don’t get to see the reactions of your clients or people you are reviewing so it was almost refreshing to see that they took a food bloggers opinion so much to heart. Watch the video – the blogger comes in around 4:40


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