These days there are food tours all over the world however every time I come back to New York I take another and am reminded that New York city food walking tours, may just be the very best in the world. It’s my first time back in the city in over a year and before my arrival I planned to take another tour with Foods of New York.

Previously I have taken the Nolita and the Greenwich Village food tour by them and I was thrilled to be taking their Chelsea Market and Meat Packing District tour, especially because I hadn’t even been to the Chelsea Market before.

However sadly I made a rookie mistake.

While in New York this time around I am staying at the Library Hotel Collection and on this day I was at the Giraffe Hotel. Each morning the LHC hotels offer a tasty continental breakfast that I couldn’t refuse. Instead of having a quick yogurt or some fruit I went straight for a bagel. Rookie move. No matter how free or how tempting DO NOT eat anything prior to taking a Foods of New York tour especially if you are going on the Chelsea Market tour and your guides name is Curt.

Red Velvet Cupcakes at Elenis in the Chelsea Market in New York City

We started the tour right with a tiny red velvet cupcake at a cookie and cupcake shop called Eleni’s. Very tasty however warning some things in there can be pricey, like the box of cookies we saw for $68!! They must of been made of gold.

RONNYBROOK MILK BAR  The BEST Chocolate Milk ever!

To wash down the cupcakes we had some of the best chocolate milk ever at the Ronnybrook Milk Bar. Instead of just tasting like milk with a chocolate powder or [click to continue…]


The best summer drink – the Arnie Palmer

by Cailin O'Neil on August 21, 2013

While on a recent trip to Florida I stayed at the Renaissance Vinoy Resort & Golf Club in St. Petersburg and while laying by the pool one sunny afternoon I discovered THE BEST summer drink. Previous to my stay this drink had been recommended to me by a friend on one of my social media channels as a must try.

While lying by the pool at the Vinoy a server came up to take my order and he was surprised when I asked for the drink by name. “How did you hear about that drink” he asked. I explained how it had been suggested to me. It turns out that that very waiter was the one who invented said Arnie Palmer at that very hotel.

The Arnie Palmer drink at the Renaissance Vinoy Resort

The Arnie Palmer is similar to the widely popular in the US – Arnold Palmer drink. Named after [click to continue…]


An Ode to the Best Steak in the World

by Cailin O'Neil on August 6, 2013

I write about food here a lot (obviously its a food blog) but there has yet to be an item so fantastic that I had to get all fancy with it and pen an “ode” to its magnificence… until today that is.

The following is an Ode to the truffle rubbed steak which I recently devoured at the Courtside Restaurant at the Sanibel Harbour Marriott in Florida.

truffle rubbed steak, Courtside Stealhouse Sanibel Marriott Resort Florida

At the restaurant you waited, for me to come and eat.

I sat and read the menu not knowing we would soon meet.

The menu looked delicious and just as I chose,

the waiter told me the specials and thats when [click to continue…]


How to Eat a Pineapple

by Cailin O'Neil on July 22, 2013

Fresh Maui Pineapple by the side of the road

Pineapple has always been a favorite fruit of mine, even after that one time I ate a whole bowl of it for lunch and the acid from it made my tongue raw for a week, I still find it quite tasty. Recently in Maui I took a tour of the Maui Gold Pinepple farm and I finally learned how to eat a pineapple properly. Up until this point I didn’t realize that I was actually eating it the wrong way but now I know.

A pineapple growing in Maui

Follow along with these steps so you to can enjoy your pineapple to the fullest.

1. Buy your pineapple whole from the grocery store with out getting it cored by them. To pick the best one don’t pull on the stem or spikes but rather [click to continue…]


Fresh Italian made bruschetta – Dailiy Food Photo

by Cailin O'Neil on July 17, 2013

Fresh Italian made bruschetta in Brindisi, Italy

While visiting Brindisi in the region of Puglia in Italy I was constantly eating amazing food. Honestly what else do you do when visiting Italy? Food is an integral part of their culture and is always so fresh and tasty yet simple. At an event space/bar/restaurant called 36 just outside of the city of Brindisi we dined on antipasti like the above bruschetta and behind itfresh italian cheese called burrata and enjoyed some fabulous wines.

What is your favorite kind of Italian antipasti?